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sa-ra creative partners - nuclear evolution, the age of love - ubiquity - cd

URCD 248 - 50673 - us2cd - €7.50

Genre: Hip Hop - Nu Soul

1 Spacefruit
2 Dirty Beauty
3 I Swear
4 Melodee N mynor
5 He Say She Say
6 Traffika
7 Souls Brother
8 Bitch Baby
9 Love Czars
10 Gemini s Rising
11 The Bone Song
12 White Cloud
13 Move Your Ass
14 Love Today
15 Can I Get You Hi
16 My Star
17 Cosmic Ball
18 Spaceways Theme
19 Just Like A Baby
20 Double Dutch (Co Co Pops)
21 Death Of A Star (Supernova)
22 Powder Bump
23 Hangin By A String

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Produced by Om'Mas Keith, Taz Arnold & Shafiq Husayn and featuring the likes of Erykah Badu, Debi Nova, Rozzie Daime, Noni Lamar, Erika Rose, Brook D’leau of J*Davey, Joseph Limeberg, Fenetta Lowe & Jimetta Rose.

The SA-RA Creative Partners is a trio of accomplished musicians, producers and trendsetters, comprised of Om'Mas Keith, Taz Arnold and Shafiq Husayn. Built from scratch, this is a truly coherent and innovative body of work. Musical, adventurous, and even more evolved than what they've done before, Nuclear Evolution also shows a controlled, polished, and in-the-pocket side to their work. It is an album on which SRCP shine as the innovative musical force they promised to be, ever since the cult hit “Glorious” first shattered bass bins and minds worldwide. It’s an over-used phrase that a band has a unique sound. But The SA-RA Creative Partners use their three minds to combine and make something that is always new, something twisted, a sound not heard before. Their music is soulful, but not limited by just the neo soul tag. They make hip hop, but of the bugged-out and other-worldly kind.

According to the list of high-profile artists requesting their production services their sound has an infectious global spread and appeal. Most recently SRCP have been making their mystical, soulful productions for Erykah Badu. Serving as her associate producers, they wrote, appeared, and produced on seven of the tracks from her critically acclaimed 2008 New Amerykah album. She returns the favor with a guest appearance on “Dirty Beauty” on Nuclear Evolution. Easy to like, but difficult to pigeon hole, the album oozes equal parts jazz, soul, pop, funk, and hip-hop. The eclectic collection of productions bounces from the sticky and bubbly soul of “Gemini’s Rising”, to the string laden bump of “He Say She Say,” and the outer-worldly bossa nova of “Spacefruit.”