creepy autograph - murder sex - valentine connexion records - vinyl

SIGN 7 - 45511 - us7'' - €5.00

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electro

1 I Wanna Fuck You
2 Corporate Meeting
3 Murder Sex

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7" of retro electro from the rather shy, Creepy Autograph". pressed in detroit, mininum copies...

In trying to acquire more information on Creepy Autograph, I was given the following statement:

Yes, Creepy Autograph has a story. Creepy Autograph are real people, with real emotions. Ashamed and strange. These emotions run deep. They are stalkers, obsessed with past loves, which have turned sour.

Unsatisfied, I tried to figure out who these real people are or were. In reply I got:

'Creepy Autograph wishes to remain anonymous, as they are embarrassed of their feelings. But they are so torn by love, that they will continue this project as a result of their sexual frustration.
Though Im triggered to think that Creepy Autograph is myth frenzy, Im led to believe that they prefer emotion over identity'.

(Written by) A fan.