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cinnaman & jay scarlett present.. - beat dimensions vol. 1 - rush hour - cd

RH 106CD - 39700 - eucd - €15.00

Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1 Dimlite Ill Dubio - Searching It
2 J Todd - The Night
3 Up Hygh - Acid
4 Mweslee - Un Joder Suave
5 Pursuit Grooves - Push Up
6 Morgan Spacek - Dabz Beat
7 Hudson Mohawke -Trace
8 Cinnaman - Parker
9 Dyno - Reign
10 Byron and Onra - Cosmic Travelling
11 Tom Trago - Fluorgreen Legged Gangster
12 Hearin Aid - Figz
13 Flyamsam - Green Tea Power
14 Simon Muschinsky - Activate
15 Black Pocket - The Road
16 Veebeeo - No More
17 Super Smoky Soul - Smoke Collage
18 Mike Tibbert - Sky Blue
19 Slumgullion - Castlevania
20 Aardvarck - Nose
21 O.Boogie - Hoerenjong
22 Sepalot - Measured Amount
23 Jay Scarlett - Love Music

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Rush Hour present this ground breaking new project, put together by Cinnaman (Rush Hour) + DJ Jay Scarlett (Spacek Sound System, Sound In Colour). These two beat-heads were brought together by a mutual love and appreciation of the electronic hiphop sound stemming from L.A, Detroit and later worldwide. Around the time of their first meeting, a scene was forming and after a LOT of myspace networking - Beat Dimensions was born!

The project was created to showcase today’s most forward thinking beat producers; some are brand new and some are a bit older - from the well known to the almost unknown. New kids likes Hudson Mohawke, Super Smoky Soul, Flying Lotus / Samiyam (Flyamsam) + Pursuit Grooves next to established artists like Black Pocket (Steve Spacek), Aardvarck + Up Hygh. The artists were selected on the merits of their particular tracks and there are many more already lining up to drop science on future volumes…this thing is going to grow…..and grow.

Amsterdam seems to be almost the perfect place to base a compilation of this kind – maybe it’s the worldly attitude of many of the producers, DJ’s and heads that are based there? Maybe it’s the passion for hip hop beats and way out experimentation? Whatever it is, there is something serious going on in those machines and Cinnaman + Jay Scarlett are all over it!

The release includes liner notes by Rafael Rashid, the author of the book ‘Behind The Beats’.