v/a - witness future vintage vol.2 - kindred spirits - cd

KS 018 CD - 39030 - eucd - €10.00

Genre: New Jazz / Headz

1 I.N.T - Dickriders
2 Kid Sublime feat. Nicky Guiland - Somethin’ About Your Love
3 Heavy - Wonderlove (Jazzanova remix)
4 Rednose Distrikt feat. U-gene - Till Tomorrow
5 Flowriders - Roll on
6 Meikbar - Spread
7 Build An Ark - Door Of The Cosmos (12� mix)
8 Nomo - Moving In Circles
9 Rich Medina - Too Much (Afrostreet rmx)
10 Chico Mann - Say What
11 Jneiro Jarel feat. Vinia Mojica - Big Bounce Theory Pt 2
12 Liquid Spirits feat. Phonte - 4Everyday
13 Medina feat. Delouie Avant - Holdin’ Up
14 Tom Trago - Dirtdegree
15 MwësLee - Raw War

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Collection of the finest moments on Kindred Spirits records incl. Jazzanova's take on Heavy's "Wonderlove", I.N.T.'s "Dickriders" which is an alternative version of "Riders On The Storm", Rednose Distrikt feat. U-Gene "Till Tomorrow", Nomo "Movin In Circles", Liquid Spirits "4Everyday", Flowriders "Roll On", Meikbar "Spread", Rich Medina "Too Much", Jneiro Jarel "Big Bounce Theory", Build An Ark "Door Of The Cosmos", Tom Trago "Dirtedgree", Mweslee "Raw War", Chico Mann "Say What" and more.... Tip!