comtron - follow the money - rush hour - cd

RH 105 CD - 38908 - eu2cd - €11.99

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electro

1 Greed and Finance
2 What We Sell
3 M.O.N.E.Y.
4 Material World
5 Profit
6 Mission Statement
7 No Sabbatical
8 Evil Machine
9 Evil O.S.
10 The Joke Is On You
11 Bad Business
12 Worst Business
13 Buy and Hold
14 Payday
15 Heart Of China
16 Follow The Money

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The long awaited full lengh debut album from the underground electro duo, Comtron.

Their bio reads: “Recognizing the growing trend in mass entertainment industries, The Comtron Group acquired two Dutch producers and added them -provided with limitless financial resources and a clear set of instructions- to Comtron’s vast legions of employees. These fine men took all necessary actions to create content for Comtron Group’s Comtron, the electronic dance music act, resulting in 18 tracks to be compiled on mass media carriers which will be marketed around the globe from now on under The Comtron Group’s company motto: "Follow the Money". Tip!