aardvarck - cult copy - rush hour - vinyl

RH 103 LP - 35394 - eu2lp - €15.00

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Start
2 Cult Copy 1*
3 Coma
4 Delsin King*
5 Cult Copy 2*
6 Buuv
7 Caron Outro
8 Theme Park*
9 Dear Tom
10 Cult Copy 3 Dub?*
11 Cult Copy 3*
12 Aardbij*
13 Ooit
14 Komt Goed*
15 Thuang-Zi

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After the well received Cult Copy album, which was released on CD/DVD earlier this year, it was decided to release a limited press of 1000 copies on vinyl, as a lot of request were received for this format. * Have been edited for this format.

Most of the Cult Copy related vinyl is deleted or currently out of stock, so this album makes all tracks available on vinyl again. It will be released as a gatefold 2xLP of which 500 units come with the DVD which is also available with the CD. This DVD contains a 25 minute video by video artist Michal Butink which compliments the music perfectly. Tip!