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v/a - free spirits vol 1 - ks reissues - vinyl

KSFSLP 001 - 35345 - eu2lp - €15.00

New Copy

Genre: Jazz - Spiritual / Cosmic & Soul Jazz

1 Sarah Vaughan - The Mystery Of Man
2 The Prime Element - En El Amanecer Del Tiempo (In The Dawn Of Time)
3. Stanley Cowell - Come Sunday
4. Francisco Mora Catlett Amazona
5 Steve Reid - Center Of The Earth
6 NOMO - Better Than That
7. Doug Hammond - For Our Souls
8 Francis Bebey Rwanda
9 Lloyd Miller - Gol-E Gandom
10. Brother Ah - Motherless Child
11 Dwight Trible A Love Supreme
12 Woody Shaw introducing Carter Jefferson Why

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Great compilation of classic 'undiscovered' jazz and rare groove tunes as well as some new productions from interesting band like NOMO, Francisco Mora & Dwight Trible...

This compilation is kicking off the Spiritual Jazz series on Kindred Spirits, called Free Spirits. What better way to do it with a compilation that mainly consists of super rare jazz from around the globe, but also touches on recent material and even unreleased material. This is an absolute must have for every jazz fan. Sarah Vaughan, Stanley Cowell, Steve Reid & Doug Hammond o.a. represent the classic 70s period, while Francisco Mora & Nomo fuel the contemporary period. To finish it of we have included an unreleased version of Coltranes A Love Supreme covered by Build An Arks Dwight Trible, clocking at an impressive 11:34 min. Tracklisting: 1.Sarah Vaughan - The Mystery Of Man (4:11)
2.The Prime Element - En El Amanecer Del Tiempo (In The Dawn Of Time) (7:09)
3.Stanley Cowell - Come Sunday (8:32)
4.Francisco Mora Catlett Amazona (4:00)
5.Steve Reid - Center Of The Earth (4:01)
6.NOMO - Better Than That (6:30)
7.Lloyd Miller - Gol-E Gandom (3:42)
8.Doug Hammond - For Our Souls (3:52)
9.Francis Bebey Rwanda (5:11)
10.Brother Ah - Motherless Child (8.30)
11.Dwight Trible A Love Supreme (11:14)
12.Woody Shaw introducing Carter Jefferson Carter Jefferson Why (7:27). Tip!