mweslee - megaplast ep - nod navigators - vinyl

KSNN 002 - 33809 - eu12" - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1 Megaplast
2 Plaqueta & Baldosa (20 Caixas)
3 Raw War
4 St Fixe, Pa!
5 Pino Mino
6 Hot Curry

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Nod Navigators: A label for Dutch beat creators and then came along a demo from a Spanish kid named MwsLee, part of the Vigo based Arkestra crew. A demo so good we had to change our label policy into A label for beat creators worldwide. Six instrumental beats do the do here, very musical with an electronic twist. Should appeal to fans of Prefuse 73, Sa-Ra, Dabrye et al.. TIP!