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vaudou game - otodi - hot casa - cd

HC 59CD - 106514 - eucd - €14.99

Genre: African

1 Not Guilty (feat. Roger Damawuzan)
2 Anniversaire
3 Tata Fatiguee
4 La Chose
5 Pas La Peine
6 Lucie
7 Soleil Capricieux
8 Bassa Bassa
9 Something Is Wrong (feat. Roger Damawuzan)
10 Grasse Mat
11 Sens Interdit
12 Roberto
13 Tassi

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Vaudou Game's third full length; recorded in Togo at Otodi studio's, built in the '70s by Scotch - making this an all analog listening experience !

For the most authentic of frequencies to fully imbibe this third album, Peter Solo entrusted the rhythmic section to a Togolese bass and drum duo, putting the groove in the expert hands of those versed in feeling and a type of musicianship that you can’t learn in any school. This was also a way to put Otodi on the path of a more heavily hued funk sound, the backbone of which maintains flexibility and agility when moving over to highlife, straightens out when enhanced with frequent guest Roger Damawuzan’s James Brown type screams, and softens when making the way for strings. Snaking and undulating when a chorus of Togolese women takes over, guiding it towards a slow, hypnotic trance. Up until now, Vaudou Game had maintained their connection to Togo from their base in France. This time, recording the entire album in Lomé at Otodi with local musicians, Peter Solo drew the voodoo fluid directly from the source, once again using only Togolese scales to make his guitar sing, his strings acting as channels between listeners and deities…