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v/a - onda de amor: synthesized brazilian hits that never were (1984-94) - soundway records - vinyl

SNDWLP 125 - 104074 - uk2lp - €27.50

New Copy

Genre: Brazil

1 Ricardo Bomba - Voce Vai Se Lembrar
2 Vania Bastos - Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo)
3 Rosana Mendes & Grupo Veneno - Reague
4 Grupo Controle Digital - A Festa E Nossa
5 Villa Box - Break De Rua (Versao Longa)
6 Batista Junior - Cheira
7 Dado Brazzawilly - Saramandaia
8 Anacy Arcanjo - Toque Tambor
9 Fogo Baiano - O Fogo Do Sol
10 Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro - Africamerica
11 Via Negromonte - Love Is All
12 Electric Boogies - Electric Boogies
13 Os Abelhudos - Contos De Escola (Edit)
14 Nanda Rossi - Livre Pra Voar (Edit)
15 Andre Melo - Onda De Amor
16 Regiao Abissal - Feminina Mulher (Instrumental)

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Millos Kaiser (50% of Selvagem) curates this treasure trove of 16 rare cuts of synthpop, samba boogie, balearic electro jams from 1980 & ‘90s Brazil. BIG TIP !!!

Onda De Amor is a release that is loaded with smooth grooves, bubbling bass, glistening synthesisers, funk strutting guitar lines and sheen of production that undeniably marks it of its time. For Kaiser this compilation is about reintroducing music during a period of reappraisal, catching a new wave and hoping contemporary listeners will ride it with him. “The idea is to do justice to these songs. Songs that combine all the right ingredients that should have put them on radio playlists when I was growing up or at least in the cases of more adventurous DJs”.

Whilst names such as Ricardo Bomba, Villa Box, Fogo Baiano, Electric Boogies and Batista Junior may not be household names, they tell an untold, yet rich and important part of musical history in Brazil. The release also covers a decade that has been intentionally forgotten and brushed aside by many in the country.

Millos Kaiser is a DJ, digger, vinyl junkie/dealer born in Rio de Janeiro and living in São Paulo for the past 8 years. He launched the dance party/club night Selvagem with partner Trepanado in 2010, bringing thousands of dancers one Sunday a month to a public square in the heart of São Paulo.