michael beharie and teddy rankin-parker - a heart from your shadow - mondoj - cd

MONDOJ 05 CD - 103982 - eucd - €10.50

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Experimental / Avant garde

1 Intro
2 So Much Trash
3 Paper Tiger
4 Gully
5 Smooth Face
6 Fake Money
7 Roses
8 Promise
9 Icon
10 Petaluma

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A Heart From Your Shadow is the debut collaborative album from Michael Beharie (New York) and Teddy Rankin-Parker (Chicago). Since graduating together from Oberlin College, Beharie and Rankin-Parker each veered into markedly different avenues. Beharie joined up with the ever-confounding New York ensemble Zs (Northern Spy, The Social Registry). Rankin-Parker became an on-demand cellist for his prowess in the work of improvisation and avant-garde music, lending his talents to a wide array of collaborators such as Primus, Iron & Wine, Steve Reich, and Pauline Oliveros. Rather than jump into stream-of-concious improvisation, Beharie and Rankin-Parker chose to focus the album's themes via intricately composed pieces. A Heart From Your Shadow could be described as protest music, brimming with intense energy, harrowing anxiety, and steadfast optimism. Produced by Michael Beharie, mixed carefully by Jim O'Rourke & mastered by James Plotkin.


First pressing of 300 copies.