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Most Excellent Unltd presents Love Injection: A New York-based dance music fanzine. 8.5 x 11” high quality black and white printing, 24 pages. Edition of 1,000.

Participating contributors and artists include Abigail Adams, Barbie Bertisch, Ben Goldfarb, Charlotte Von Kotze, Cyrus Sarrafha, Dennis Kane, Dimitri From Paris, DJ Garth, DJ Qu, Druggy Paul, François K, Judy Russell, Jus Ed, Justin Strauss, Kim Lightfoot, Luke Jenner, Mark Riley, Nathaniel Jay, Nik Mercer, Tim Lawrence. Designed by Paul Raffaele.

February 2018 Features:
Boyd Jarvis Tribute
Q&A with Judy Russell (Donate Here)
Q&A with Mark Riley
"Rant Control" with François K.
"Ask Luke" with Luke Jenner

Charts by –
Druggy Paul (Bottom Of The Deck, The Lot Radio)
Cyrus Sarrafha (Superimpositions, The Lot Radio)
Charlotte Von Kotze (Brooklyn English, The Lot Radio)

Monthly columns from –
Nathaniel Jay, Françios K & Luke Jenner