shahara-ja - i'm an arabian knight (egyptian lover remixes) - left ear records - vinyl

LER1013 - 102243 - eu12'' - €14.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electro

1 I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Dub Mix)
2 I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Vocal Mix)
3 I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Instrumental Mix)

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'From a lost Australian electronic soul gem, to a cult classic: Shahara-Ja’s ‘I’m An Arabian Knight’ has gained much momentum since it’s 2017 reissue, so much so that the Egyptian Lover reached out to the label proclaiming he’d do a remix. The electro innovator who the original release appears to be highly inspired by seemed like a perfect fit for this sleazy late Night groover. The result is 3 fresh mixes using elements of the original session tapes and the perfect touch of the Egyptian Lover’s signature 808'