franz falckenhaus - tupolev system - giallo disco records - vinyl

GDLP 008 - 101768 - eulp - €15.50

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Synth

1 My Cold War
2 Siberian Missiles
3 Rainy Through Gypsy Forest
4 Transylvania Airlines
5 MIT Research Theme
6 Falckenhaus Cosmic Dance
7 Alpenland Detective
8 The Europa Judgement
9 Manhunter
10 The Tragic Sadness Of F. Falckenhaus

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Giallo Disco invite Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt AKA Franz Falckenhaus to its ranks. Culled from the three CDs originally released on Strange Life Records, Giallo Disco provide this collection for the first time on vinyl, remastered with new art by Eric A. Lee.