bebe fang - s/t - vrystaete - vinyl

VRYSTAETE07 - 101210 - eulp - €23.50

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1 Pac Al III
2 Walk
3 Work
4 Pac Al I
5 Dirt
6 Lights Go Out
7 One Ear

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For some years a rather obscure tape release is finding it’s way to my cassette deck time and time again… it is the only release by Dutch duo Bebe Fang… in the process to release new music by one of the two members ET proposed to also put this tape release on vinyl… and here we are…


Bebe Fang serves you a trip… a dream that also could be perceived as an occult ritual: primitive rhythms, subtle sounds and melodies and singing which goes from whispering to chanting… a weird mix of lo-fi, folklore and psychedelic music… something which Nico could have performed…