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v/a - musique ambiante francaise vol 1 - tigersushi - vinyl

TSRLP 032 - 100548 - eu3lp - €37.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electronics

1 I-Cube - Gypsotheque
2 Romain Turzi - Vers Un Nouvel Age
3 Etienne Jaumet - Orage Dans La Creuse
4 Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere - Le Chant Des Dunes
5 Joakim - Sine Qua Non
6 Class of 69 - Poussire Rose
7. NightBirds - Theory Of Relativity
8. Essaie Pas - Pierre Tombale
9. Apollo Noir - Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication
10. Dagerlff - From The Womb To The Tomb
11. Principles of Geometry - Guy At The Window
12. Glass - Heart
13. Mondkopf - The Call
14. Monade Ach - Imal
15. The Mole - Prelude 464
16. Egyptology - Wnder der Schpfung (Teil 5)
17. Filles Shizuka - Bataille Et Survie
18. Cosmic Neman - ProximaB

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!K7 announce their new partnership with Tigersushi. The influential French label run by Joakim. Kicking things off is a beautfiul collection of French ambient, Musique Ambiante Française Vol. 1.

“It all started when Apollo Noir, Tigersushi’s latest signing came to me with a split 12” he wanted to release, including his own track “Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication” and Glass’ “Heart”. I loved the tunes but wasn’t convinced that releasing a 12inch for those 2 songs only was relevant, so I proposed we extend this split EP to a full French Ambient compilation and we all got excited by the idea. There’s never been one although there’s an undeniable interest in that genre from a broad spectrum of French musicians. A few days later, me, Apollo Noir and Charlotte (Tigersushi’s lieutenant in chief) compiled a short list of names we were interested in and within just a few weeks we put together this compilation. Amazingly, 95% of the artists we contacted agreed to participate.
Another surprise is how those 18 tunes come together in such a homogenous way, this stroke me the first time I listened to the whole record. Maybe it’s a result of the fascination for old and new analog machines shared by most of the musicians featured here. Maybe it has to do with a long French lineage of experimental electronic music (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Jean Michel Jarre, and all the lesser known synth library music and score composers...). Anyway we couldn’t be happier with the result and we’re already excited to work on the second chapter.” Joakim