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cliff lothar - skudge white 05 - skudge records - vinyl

SKUDGE-W05 - 73817 - eu12" - €8.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Murked Out
2 Tangaxuan II
3 Audiomess
4 Darkhole Gloryroom

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So yes, 2013 certainly is the year Skudge opens up the vaults! Right on the tail of our recent Irie EP comes Cliff Lothar's new record.

After his wonderful entry for the Viewlexx camp earlier this year, our friend comes clean with a somewhat darker take on his trade sound. With "Murked Out", we're reminded of "Dro Friday", but the halloween version. "Tangaxuan II" is equally funky but dwells further in a deep and bleepy fashion that invokes the early Warp catalogue spirit while "Audiomess" even enhances that felling, adding an eerie edge familiar to the more continental Bunker rooster.

Concluding this four tracker comes the mostly gruesome "Darkhole Gloryroom" that uses high contrast to convey schizophrenic moves on the dance floor, a perfect testimony to what Skudge stands for after a year of unusual journeys.