Rush Hour store's highlights!
Every week, our staff pick a favourite record from all the goodies that drop in the store. This archive shows all of the Record of The Week titles to date.



We were totally surprised and captivated by the special Christmas act of Dutch phenomenon Alien Schneafliet in the Rush Hour store. It was a performance by Dr. C Stein’s music buddy since Trumpett’s early tapes days in the eighties. Back then, the label was run by a board of doctors; Prof Einstein, Dr. C Stein, dr. A van Garde, dr. Freakowitz and last but not least: Dr. Trumpetto.

Who?? Let’s stick with Dr C Stein for now.

During the first half of the 1980s, the influential Dr. Stein alias Hanjo Erkamp had a hand in some of the most experimental and forward-thinking releases on the now legendary cassette label, Trumpett. Famously, he was a member of two of the label’s key bands – industrial outfit Doxa Sinistra and new wave combo Ende Shneafliet – but during the period he also recorded a swathe of solo tracks as C. Stein.

Not so long ago, the Begium contemporaries at JJ Funhouse put Erkamp back on the map with a compilation release featuring a few of his versatile marvelous electronic / minimal wav compositions. Now Interstellar Funk takes over to shine more light on this doctor with a very dope 12”. The original comes with a cleverly slowed down version on the flip.



Music From Memory return with another retrospective, this time from Japanese sound designer and producer Kuniyuki Takahashi. A very fine collection of his early works, going back to the eighties. And this is only part 1 of 2…

Little was known about his surprising works on the compilation - Kuniyuki’s bio explains that he started his music career in 1994, after he recorded these tracks. The atmospheric tracks selected are the result of Kuniyuki’s inspirations in the mid eighties, when the expressive and creative Tokyo nightlife at the time inspired him. By creating these works, he took electronic music out of the club and created more introverted music in a living room setting with similar electronic instrumentation as used for club tracks.

Kuniyuki Takahashi has remained a very active producer throughout the years with very divergent output. We’re very stoked to welcome him next week at RDC x SIA for a live show with another strong Japanese producer, Sauce81.



Familiar with Mix-O-Rap? He made a few very dope electro b-boy-ish jams like “All Party People” in the eighties. Jams that have that particular lo-fi sound, but nowhere near the gritty, hissy sounding “Eyes Of A Key”, the LP that Mix-O-Rap recorded in prison.

It takes some imagination to hear what’s really going on. The very thin, blaring productions (we don’t hear any low frequenties) are actually very powerful. We hear the artist’s genre defying take on hip-hop and conclude that these tracks could have been absolute bangers when Mix-O-Rap’s studio situation hadn’t been so egregious. But weirdly these tracks are still amazing.

Mix-O-Rap explains his studio techniques: “I need a perfect mix sound so I used a reverb gate, small room because I was in a small room. I used my moms blankets to trap the sound waves in the room. I use a digital mic from radio shack and was rapping with a blanket over my head to trap the sound waves. I played my keys in F flat to deepen the tone. I put tom toms on it to fill the spaces with handclaps to have that snap. Then I put a reverb gate on every instrument to get the lo-fi audio sound.”

We are fans. Thank you indefectible Peoples Potential Unlimited for the introduction 👂👂



Amsterdam based Brew returns with OG_BEERS, a mini LP full of beer fueled rough cuts by Cologne’s TBZ. A match made in heaven.

The mini LP holds thirteen anonymous, but self-called hip-hop jams. It’s a promising adventure for everyone, but especially for fans of Stones Throw, X-Ray Pop, The Isley Brothers, Robert Bergman, German LA street vibes in general and Kölsch (the beer).

Really, keep an eye out for TBZ and his monikers and projects (Tobrock, Montell Palmer for example). He started releasing music almost a decade ago and got mad skillz.



Arp Frique is not quite a household name in music. However, for “Nos Magia“ he worked with legends Orlando Julius and America Brito, which is huge… But no real surprise. Rotterdam based Niels Nieuborg has been active in music for decades and only now presents his own musical output with a very strong 3-track release.

In the past, Niels Nieuborg has worked with a number of legendary musicians, connecting Azymuth, Ed Motta, the Dutch Ronald Snijders among others. After being active in live music (working with Cape Verdean & Surinamese musicians in particular), he recently decided to start creating his own output. With the dance floor in mind, he bundled his years of musical experience as a live project Arp Frique, which basically started as a solo studio project.

“Nos Magia” holds thick sounding new cuts, that rather sound like these were made in the seventies. The site track is unheard Cape Verdean funana song featuring the old skool Americo Brito on vocals, the b-side holds two collaborations featuring afro-beat protagonist Orlando Julius.....enjoy!



John FM is back to surprise us after a short hiatus. He appeared in 2015 with two releases (and a collab) on Detroit’s FXHE and now returns with a remarkable two-tracker on The Trilogy Tapes. Expect two deep, absolutely non-lineair but very driving stompers, with lush but stabby sounds as well, and curious drum programming. Housed in an elegant TTT sleeve, just as we like it :) Not much to say… just press play! (not on your laptop)



Over the past week we had to choose a highlight from a pool or great releases. However, it was pretty much a no-brainer. With Terekke’s previous output in mind, we were very stoked to finally receive his debut album “Plant Age”.

The artwork and notes partly come from the the Amsterdam based artist himself, his gentle words accompany a gentle release. With eight divergent tracks, Terekke creates a captivating album, dubby with warm and downy spheres. He intended his album to be pleasant regardless of the time of day. Something diverse that could be enjoyed regardless of format, which really worked out.

It’s LIES their 100th release, and probably the most soft spoken music we have heard on the label. It’s stunning!


V/A - EXO3 (EKS 015)

With the latest chapter, EXO now feels like a trilogy. EXO3 - again - displays beautiful chamber music - poetic electronic ambient pieces by a variety of very talented Belgium contemporaries, and more. The new episode brings the occasion to highlight this strong compilation series.

The EXO compilations, released on Ekster, the Antwerp based record label, founded in 2013 and run by Victor Robyn & Roman Hiele, is another example of an exciting electronic music terrain that subtly glisters in today’s music landscape.
Who were amazed by the first EXO chapter, must have been moved by the second LP as well. And will be likely very happy with number 3. Housed in detailed artwork… take your time to take it all in.

“The world outside resonates metallic. It’s activity humming calm harmonics. I am in stasis. Liquified. Receiving alien signals. Unseen universes translated into sound. Notes bend like light reflected in a curved, hard surface.” The label's abstract introduction of the sounds portrayed on this (inter)stellar V/A.



Is it pop music? Disco, house or techno? We don’t know exactly. All we hear is pure fun in a very musical manner. The titles turn out to mean something according to Google Translate, which we find also amusing.

The six selected home recordings (2011-2016) show the artists broad musical path and his ability to make these influences into something that’s his own unique style. Despite his tracks don’t tick any genre-box, he’s still able to release on an international major label. ;)

Ruutu Poiss is an Estonian musican, but also a gifted graphic designer who doesn’t mind to spend his lunch break in our record store. As a producer, a handful of releases (incl. his 12” ‘Kinged’ which is still available!) proved his musical skills and playful character. We’re happy to see him return with a very tidy second 12” release.



Solo or in collaboration with others, this German sound designer always surprises. Erik Wiegand, alias Errorsmith created dance floor destroyers from the late 90ties with sounds that could easily be adopted in UK dance music. Now returning with his first album in 13 years, he seems to represent his broad sound spectrum - using his self developed Razor software - for a superlative version of his Errorsmith guise in a new, less stripped down, we’d say more crazy form.

“The album title, ‘Superlative Fatigue’ reflects a tension between an over-the-top, hysterical emotion, against more deeply felt expressions or realness”, the PAN label explains. We’d call the music bursting electronic funk that would be fresh to hear in the Berghain on a Sunday morning…



Music for misfits, witches, dreamers, cyberpunks, outsiders, geeks… For Legowelt's ‘legendary freaks in the trash of time’. Hailing from the Dutch West Coast, we got hold of a new dream world from the renowned synth freak this week. Less damp and cloudy than his previous album called ‘Chrystal Cult 2080’, Legowelt’s latest universe is brighter, fully drenched in his lo-fi, but fat and spacious signature sound. “legendary freaks in the trash of time” knows a variety of genre-defying domains, influenced by a broad musical spectrum, going from Memphis rap to techno-rave.

Enough to explore, get ready.



Geoffrey Landers’ “1 by 1” 2LP is another amazing compilation released by Amsterdam's Music From Memory label, holding a collection of very personal songs that also seem to unveil another barely explored music scene. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased on vinyl.

A lot of the tracks on the compilation could easily be part of New York's early 80ties DIY art scenes, but are presumably recorded in Denver, where Landers was part of the local industrial/punk/new wave movement. In Colorado’s capital he created his “Cauhaus” label and “The Packing House Studio”, a studio “available to record artists regardless of their financial circumstances”.

Geoffrey Landers’ innovative forms of expression and musical experimentation are astounding, furthermore, the way the compilation is put together surprises, and expresses Landers’ versatility. Most of the tracks on the first slice can easily move a dance floor, whilst the second slice introduces an opposite musical side of the artist… Released two weeks ago, this compilation deserves a highlight nonetheless.


Avant-punk trio, Toresch, return with a 4 track EP for Dusseldorf's Offen Music label. As already becomes clear from our website: We’ve got Huge Love For This Crew Here!

Toresch’ music strikes us as a being; as a fierce, mystical and gracious personality captivated in sound. Viktoria Wehrmeister’s vocals transform Detlev Wenrich’s thick, treacly music into razor sharp and driving songs.

Toresch’ appearance materialises in their live performances, but also in the form of the carefully designed record sleeve for both their first and second release. Although visual artist Jan Wagner, who designed the artwork, met his two partners in Toresch in the early nineties. The three became a group years later, in 2014.

The music, vocals and art conjure up a rare, unfamiliar, fascinating spirit that we are very drawn to and we absolutely don’t mind to put in the spotlight. So here you go… big big tip from us.



It’s just great… we’re very stoked for the fourth Juju & Jordash album. “Sis-Boom-Bah” holds wonderful musical electronic works by improvisation masterminds Gal Aner & Jordan Czamanski. A series of purpose-written compositions, instead of improv. But whats the difference, when “composition is just improvisation slowed down” (Jordan)? “Sis-Boom-Bah” has been on repeat here since it arrived at our store.

Juju & Jordash their fourth album in a few unassuming words from our side: spacious, warm, crystalline, subtile. Stretched, but very captivating compositions. Journeys! Play the full album a few times... It’s stunning at first play, but a grower as well. Released on Dekmantel, the label say: “Their freestyle approach to performance, and immaculate refined sounds have became somewhat more defined, in a style that’s unique, yet elaborate, with a sense of otherworldliness, not only befit for the dancefloor, but otherwise transcendental moments. Nowadays Juju & Jordash have evolved far beyond their ’oddball house’ moniker.” Yes, agreed!



In the middle of the great African music reissue monsoon arrives a very tidy contemporary Tanzanian album, by the amazing Msafiri Zawose. The double LP, released by Soundway Records, features 12 great soulful contemporary sounding songs recorded with as well western as traditional instrumentation. Zawose surprises with his velvety sounding vocals, but also as a multi-instrumentalist. The ambassador of Tanzania’s Gogo-music plays a wide range of instruments such as the marimba (percussion), ngoma (drums), ilimba (a lamelophone from Tanzania), zeze (a Sub-Saharan stringed instrument) and flute.

From the LP’s release text we learn that Msafiri Zawose already pioneered new instruments arrangements and collaborations within the gogo-sound, and was looking for the next step. With “Uhamiaji”, the artist has managed to fuse the musical traditions of his ancestors with a modern twist. Very unique sounding, remarkably well put together. Although this LP was already released a few weeks back (we can only pick 1 release a week…), we felt that we had to highlight it this week nonetheless. Enjoy!



After teasing us with that ‘KK’ Killer white label 7'' last Summer, Krikor Kouchian now releases his cinematic album on LIES Records News with much much more great boogie funk.

“Pacific Alley” is a complete mystical parallel world of “sleaze and excitement, where passion, money, and illicit substances take precedent and the sun beats down in a relentless unforgiving fashion”, as the LP’s cover art and notes already unveil. Krikor offers us very imaginative works, to play out to a dance floor or to soundtrack your day in town with, driving a car (or riding a bike). The LP is also a new NYC-Paris connection; the Parisian artist has earlier released his organic electronic hardware productions on Joakim’s Crowdspacer imprint under POV and Crackboy. “Pacific Alley” is just wonderful! Big tip!



Summer is over.. floods of new releases incoming! It’s hard to choose a record of the week when there’s so much good stuff to choose from, but it’s actually a no brainer also. Kale Plankieren (for the Dutch and non-Dutch: ‘plankier’ means ‘wooden floor’) neatly introduces Dutch ’80’s DIY music scenes from different Dutch cities. Hailing from Amsterdam, it’s just right for RH to introduce this great introduction into some great homegrown musical scenes.

In short: Plus Instruments was the awesome result of a curious Eindhoven-NYC connection, whose funky post-punk track ‘Bodies’ got reissued earlier. The compilation also showcases more of Amsterdam’s off-kilter Fetisj cassette imprint - the label that originally released Richenel’s ‘La Diferencia’ tape. And introduces De Fabriek from Zwolle and Das Ding & Rotterdans from Rotterdam… Plus much much more. Mastered by Rude 66! Dive in!



Last days of summer in the city... time to put that fake Rolex on the wrist and lounge in style on a lazy Sunday, with the perfect soundtrack provided by the latest output of art-pop provocateur Dean Blunt. The London- based artist/musician/producer drops a rare, low-key solo trip, bundling up two gauzy excursions that stand out as some of the gentlest works in his catalogue of recent years. The former (current?) member of shadowy experimental outfit Hype Williams has spent the better part of the last half decade turning out dense keyboard drones, experimental beats and smokey pop, releasing some truly beguiling downloads, records and mixtapes, both under his own name and as one-half of the Hype Williams duo. “As long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel” is slo-mo bliss unfolding over six minutes on the A-side, while the the B-side holds extra goodness. Limited and very very lovely. White label. 180 gr.



We’re gonna call this one Dwight's Baby... "On The Rocks" is the record that Dwight Sykes should have probably released in the 1980’s, now available via the always on-point PPU record label. All shades of the lo-fi funk and underground soul spectrum are skillfully explored by Dwight and his Jahari Band – a combo that played in and around the Michigan area back then. With elements of 80’s soul and jazz, a female vocal trio that breaks out into the occasional old school rhyme here and there, and a good dose of keyboards and love longings, this is a record we’ve overtly cherished since its first play at the store. There's a tight quality to the tracks but with the authenticity of a not-so-overproduced album: genuine soul burners from a genuine musical soul... Pure bliss!



The name Parrish Smith will sound familiar to many local cats... We've been following the work of this Amsterdam based up and coming talent since his first outings (on labels like Knekelhuis and Contort Yourself), as well as his projects Volition Immanent and Sige Bythos. His new material on New York’s L.I.E.S. records is just what you’d expect from this distortion wizard: dystopian psychedelic dancefloor narration unfolding with stealthy guile over four tracks. From slowbeat EBM to Belgium klang to classic Den Hague crushers this EP forges its own path taking these cues and putting Smith's unique spin on them. Heavy yet still possessing groove and hypnotic rhythm… Highly recommended!



What links an Irish Pub, the Sahara Desert, Patrick Ewing, Pennsylvania Station and an iced donut?? Only one thing we'd imagine - Torn Hawk's new double 7" pack for No 'Label'. Musically, the world of this ever imaginative producer and artist gleefully fluctuates somewhere in-between slo-mo cosmic sunrise/sunset music, psychey new wave and what could be the end titles for some scrambled static ridden VHS, here peppered up with EBM and electro leanings. Having previously released on labels such as L.I.E.S., Valcrond Video, Not Not Fun Records and No Pain In Pop, Torn Hawk re-emerges once again on No 'Label' with these five genre-bending tracks that are equally suited for adventurous dancefloor dwellers as they are for closer scrutiny on the living room turntables... Special material from this inimitable New Yorker!



It’s no secret we’ve been long-time fans over here of Terrence Dixon’s visionary, futuristic productions. Hailing from Detroit, this pioneering techno artist has been putting out some of the most beautiful and unorthodox music the genre's known since the mid Nineties. Dixon unites ages of inspiration traversing diverse musical styles including electro, jazz and minimal sci-fi techno, an overall hypnotic approach that can also be seen in his parallel Population One project.
His latest LP, '12,000 Miles Of Twilight', is one the most substantial works he’s delivered over the last years: a 21-track triple vinyl pack that's absorbing from the moment the frantic snares thunder in on the opening track. A driving, non-linear, emotionally absorbing journey into the singular experimental edge of Detroit techno, it’ll pull you in all kind of directions from the opening track to the closing finale.



The story goes that Agent 23 - code name Ben Penn - delivered these two immaculate, driving tracks after returning from a Tilburg-based bunker, injected with a modified dosage of 4-ho-met and locked inside with only and handful of electronic machines for company. “The subject immediately began acting strangely. It quickly became clear that 4-ho-met was increasing his capacity to produce music”, reports Young Marco’s Safe Trip imprint.

We would say… Get in the mood by using the same imagination as the label. Conjure up the tropical sites of the third biggest island on earth with a dry, Mediterranean Summer breeze and an Amsterdam touch. A trustworthy method that makes the usage of 4-ho needless. These two delicious synthesized disco funk tracks will fall effectively into your (dark) place. Check it out!



This is an absolutely killer EP for fans of labels as Knekelhuis, Mannequin, Domestica! Containing four dance floor tracks for different hours. The little information on Outermost's throbbing "Intruder EP” describes the well arranged tracks on the EP as the result of ‘derangement’. But their new EP actually holds four songs that are beautiful in its crudeness, which is pretty poetic right? These four seemingly disorderly chapters put you on a different track each time, with the very tidy title anthem (with vocals by Venus Volcanism) as the grand closure.

The Greek Miltiadis Merentitis returns as Outermost with a coherent addition to Echovolt Records, the label that presents great dusty underground contemporary music. The label say: ”When the derangement has reached the limitless limits. Like the sound of a light-beam reaching the immense gravitational waves of a black hole. Is there sound in nothingness? This is your Outermost reality.” Nuff said.



Ha! This record definitely doesn't allow a cursory scan as one of many. It will make you miss all the fun for sure. “Destination Earth” is a contemporary historical document, an auditive trip, a movie, a block party - a throwback to the many colorful days of seventies and eighties NYC ski in many ways. The LP comes with a poster that’s fun to hang in the restroom - it’s like discovering a Simpsons affiche which displays the vast array of primary, secondary and tertiary characters in the series. You just won’t stop seeing new things…

“Destination Earth” is the vast visual and auditive universe of Kris Delacourt, Bram van Meervelde, belt navigator Cremins, Zoot Ruf Ski & Cosmo Knex and a bunch of otherworldly contemporary artists. 12 + 15 tracks made during an Antwerp based freestyle throwdown, packed with skits, scratches and jams for a mind-altering adventure. Take the plunge, enjoy the transportation :)

“Destination Earth, 1999
Planet of my birth, Just another phase in time
Gonna take a ride in my time machine
Maybe there I’ll see the answer to my dreams
And what I’m hoping to find there is a better world than we have here
I hope I’m on the right track, 'cause if I find a world full of love you know I'm never gonna come back

Destination Earth……”



Some people find the UK an exiting island for great surf, others just watch some of the beaches and see great beauty in its roughness. So does the Brit Oliver Ho.
It’s already in the name: with Broken English Club, influenced by techno, industrial and post-punk, Ho soundtracks the beauty of abandoned scenes.
“I am fascinated and disgusted by things, and I like that friction. The best things in life seem perverted and disgusting at first and then become beautiful and transcendent. I have these ideas filling my head and it gives me a sense purpose, I owe it to these obsessions of mine to see them through, to give them a place to exist”, he shares. His new album ‘The English Beach’ is his soundtrack to the strange and barren east coast town in England, called Dungeness: ‘Overlooked by a nuclear power station, it feels lost in time’. BEC’s new album is not only a soundtrack, it’s Ho’s full portrait of the area, containing beautiful photographs of the scenery.

Oliver Ho debuted in the mid nineties and has been working under many monikers (also known for his Raudive alias) ever since. He started Broken English Club only a few years back - a very welcome project in our opinion. After his ‘Suburban Hunting’ LP, he - again — brings a wonderful multidimensional sonic translation to a fascinating landscape.




Beau Wanzer digs deep in his archives and delivers a new self-released LP holding twelve tracks in his inimitable style: “Another LP of material plucked from the mutant mounds of shitty coughs and smelly feet.” This description definitely preps us at the store for the 12 diverse menacing excursions. The new long player starts with an eerie, dissonant personification of Dr. Dre. Obviously Mr. Wanzer is back to serve up a new journey deep through his untouched dark, treacly though undefinable atmospheres with a collection of cohesive archival tracks (with some dating as far back as 1999!). The brutal electronic punk productions like 'Something Stinks' are balanced with moldy movements such as 'Staring at at Fish'. It’s pretty simple: Beau Wanzer comes up with more Beau Wanzer. Either you’re with him or you’re not.




Exotic dreams don’t seem strange to the people in Haarlem. The cosy, picturesque city near Amsterdam is famous for its comic festivals. Siebe Baarda alias Cybe lived in this town in his teenage years, exploring bands such as Can, Ashra, Tangerine Dream and a space-rock group called Gong. The latter introduced him to eastern sounds - his introduction to a life about traveling, collecting exotic instruments and working in different musical projects. It also lead to the stellar cassettes he self-released in the 80's, holding techno-nature syntheses for an East-West confrontation, now compiled and released on vinyl by the wonderful STROOM imprint from Belgium. Big big tip to keep an eye out for this label, we are big fans here!




Cassettes don't regularly drop in the store, but when it happens we are always super curious, because those mostly hold great surprises. Tribe of Colins’ first release really threw us into a spin - a tape with spellbinding cover-art, that holds seven knocking jams from deep within Colin’s mind. Two years later the mystical producer returns with five Rugged Techno Tales on a stamped twelve…. Info as it comes… Goodness for in the earbuds and during late nights… Small run! So we’re allll warrrrrned.




This awesome compilation is brought to us by the tasteful Parisian Antinote family that loves wine and good gastronomy… Super cool chaps who use divergent knowable musical ingredients to create something unheard. Every once in a while an Antinote soul pops into the store, which means a combination of bulshitting and sharing great music. Probably the right ingredients for creating good works.

Made of 14 sketches, “Five Years of Loving Notes” introduces Antinote’s divergence. Each piece reflecting one of the many shades of the label's catalogue, but the tracks point in the same direction. The compilation is a great listen from start to end, at daytime or at night. Plus it holds various moods for a curious dance floor. Big tippie from us!




Jochem Peteri a.k.a. Ross 154’s wave of reissues continues with this 12’’ featuring previously unreleased material from his Newworldaquarium project. An absolute treat for all the NWAQ heads here! Featuring three transcendental disco leaning house cuts, mastered by another Amsterdam-based music protagonist, Marco Spaventi.

Newworldaquarium has stayed relevant over the years with his contemplative house and techno. A cornerstone of Amsterdam's Delsin family, his tracks play out like vivid, sub-aquatic landscapes — a style he established with 2000's "Trespassers," a house groove that remains something of an anthem today. Then there's his magnum opus, ‘The Dead Bears’, a collection of murky, rumbling productions that travel through a wide sonic spectrum ranging from obscure ultra fat discofied house tracks to spaced-out ambient soundscapes.

“The rule is that there's rhythm, and that there's melody and melody has to be tonal in my perspective. The rhythm can be anything but it has to funky.”




“Chodo” is a renowned masterpiece by the extraordinarily gifted musician Georges-Edouard Nouel (hailing from Martinique), who was mostly active on the piano/keys in the abundant French West Indies jazz scene of the 70s and 80s. Besides being affiliated with Max Cilla and others as a session musician, he was also a member of Noel Mc Ghie & Space Spies (whose self-titled album was reissued by the dope Parisian Superfly imprint). On this album, Nouel practices his skilful play on the Fender Rhodes, bringing lovely virtuos velvety melodies.

A well executed reissue of this ultra rare album is now finally available to a wider audience. This will appeal to fans of, for example, the Kouté Jazz compilation on Heavenly Sweetness, don’t sleep!




Dutch techno don Orlando Voorn teams up with true motor legend Juan Atkins. Both marked music history decades ago - also together as Frequency and Atkins in '92 and for example as Infiniti with their fine "Game One" EP in '94. Now the duo offers "Mind Merge", a "beautiful quintessence of Detroit electro, funk, and techno, partially blending with contemporary electronic contaminations," according to the label.
We think that these two artistic luminaries do us a great pleasure with their new album, by offering us a way to to touch base again after moving forward and sideways for decades, with an electronic album that's is certainly not taking us back into time, but back into the future.



002. Actress - AZD

To choose Actress' new album "AZD" on Ninja Tune as record of the week was logical for us. At RH we’ve been Actress fans for a long time and we know we aren’t alone in this. When the box with LPs landed in the store, we immediately gave it a good listen and after the full excursion we were puzzled in a very positive way. With "AZD", Actress has achieved another remarkable landmark. The tracks are crafted with the same personality, but in a different work station and from a different mindset, as he expresses his introvert energy in a more direct way. It’s nothing new that Actress prefers us to listen to the music rather than to discuss it, so please find snippets via the link below. But note: full experience acquires full listening!




Davy Kehoe, the Wino's Wino. Here he is with a glorious solo debut, and already causing a proper little fuss far and wide! Wildly free in places and downright sublime in others - we are honestly hard pushed to compare it to anything else. He's enlisted some great musicians too that add to the dynamics (fun fact: the parts on Storm Desmond were recorded in pretty much one take). It's flying out the door here, and that makes us very happy…