Rush Hour Weekender Teaser by Roel de Boer

In anticipation of the Rush Hour weekender, RH veteran Roel de Boer cooks up a mix of tracks from the early days of house music...

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* w/ Dream 2 Science (live) * Peven Everett (live) * Vincent Floyd (live) * Hieroglyphic Being (live) * Jordan Gcz (live) * Sadar Bahar * Antal b2b Patrick Gibin * Interstellar Funk * Kc The Funkaholic * Boye * Margie * Roel de Boer * Mark RHD

Chris & Cosey – Voodoo
Fingers Inc. – Shadows
Joe Lewis – Midnight Dancin’
The Castle Beat – Today, Tonight, Forever
Sha-Lor – I’m In Love
Farley J.M.F. – Yes He Saved Me
Glenn Underground – Madzone
Dream 2 Science – How Do I Love Thee
Chez Damier – I Never Knew Love
Precious - Definition of a Track
Kevin Irving – Children of the Night
Master C & J – Face It (dub)
Ronnie Dyson - All Over My Face
Loose Ends – Tell Me What You Want