A Rush Hour Q&A with Max D

Long time fans of Max D the Producer, the DJ, the Digger, the Rapper, the Drummer, the Collaborator, the Bear (!) - the Rush Hour staff offered up some much pondered questions, emailed to Mr D while he toured Australia with Beautiful Swimmers partner, Ari Goldman.

Where do you find the time....?? Seriously!

I really don't think about it all that much, but I guess I do just gravitate towards working on stuff whenever I can. I think my default setting tends to be "work" and I'm happy that it's in a music studio instead of some other shit.

Tell us 3 reasons to visit D.C.?

1. Visiting me/the crew: DC is not a place that really grabs most people by the mindgrapes on first look. If you come here with no guide you can definitely get a more boring impression, I think. Its like The Hague, or other capital cities. They're kind of boring until your "whoa" moment when u see what the freaks are up to. It's also nice to have someone take you around the suburbs, which are more connected to city life in DC than other places.

2. Ethiopian food: just don't try to DJ afterward cuz the deliciousness expands. See also: Ethiopian live music...just don't try to make music afterward. You'll cry in frustration.

3. Records: Possibly the most underrated place to score tunes in the US. Wait, don't come here for that! Ha!

What gives you a boost on rainy days?

I kinda fuck with rainy days actually, it links back to the ol' work ethic. What else can ya do on a shitty day but make tunes??

Baked, Boozed or Both?

Well you know I got the keys to the bakery....but I can get down with a cocktail too. Both.

How do you select potential collaborators?

It just sort of comes up you know? I tend to gravitate towards people or groups that have a lot of ideas, because I do too. Like for Lemme Kno, Morgan and I just went apeshit on anything we thought of with no rules. And it worked great, ended up on some totally "us" shit. Same with Lifted boys. I would really like to collab with more proper instrumentalists too. Like a piano god or Tony Allen or some shit.

Who plays on your dream project?

Wow. I mean the dream team only ever forms on its own you know? But I'd bring a lot of the people I work with now, which makes reality feel good!

Beard. Trim or Cut?

Trim. And not too deep. Babylon is, after all, all around us.

What is your favourite Rihanna track and why?

"We Found Love In A Hopeless Place" or whatever that joint is called. I fuck with it. Also imagine different production on the tune itself. Would be sick. She is such a good singer.

What movie music would most like to have scored the music to?

I really wanna do the music to an utterly psychedelic and fucked animated Silver Surfer movie.

What piece of studio gear would you grab first if the Critters landed?

I keep a laptop as the Oracle and really can't do "my thing" at the end of the day without it. That or my Simmons.

New Dolo?

Always!! Been giving the drummer some a lot lately, actually. Soon come!

We know you are a keen drummer - what’s your favourite piece of acoustic percussion?

As a DC boy the whole go-go setup w congas and rototoms is my favorite. I love to watch people rip those up! Boost is full of tambourines because I got into those hard last year too.

How often do you Google your own name?

I learned early in the game that it's best to do that as little as possible. It's better to do it on Twitter maybe, get a cooler impression of what's bubblin'.

How do you imagine life in 'Future Times'?

Hopefully it won't suck!! I'm an optimist cuz it just seems so dreary on the negative side. But yea, eat the rich, let's help each other out and get this utopian bliss.

Whats the best record youve scored at Rush Hour?

I convinced one of y'all to sell me a Sumy LP (he scooped the original years before we re-issued it) from the back room. That was a great grip!

Max D recently released "Boost", his first full-length since 2013's much-loved House Of Woo for RVNG Intl.
More info here!