Flashback Friday - RH Best Of 2013

Around this time last year RH affiliate and friend Awanto 3 was also setting the summer mood with his (then) freshly released cut 'Holy Mozes'... The eponymous EP also featured a killer remix of the track 'The Gun' by partner in crime Aardvarck... A string of strong releases marked the summer of 2013, including the official reissue of ERB (a collaboration between Braxton Holmes and Ron Trent on Clubhouse Records from Chicago), Interstellar Funk's 'House Train' and more... Check these tracks, and other selected 2013 releases, on Rush Hour's Best Of 2013 digital compilation on Beatport

RH's Best Of 2013 includes a selection of material released on vinyl last year, plus a number of tracks exclusive to this digital compilation. Featuring Young Marco, Awanto 3, Xosar, Tom Trago, N.A.D, ERB, Jesse Saunders and many more...

Also available on iTunes