Salah Ragab And The Cairo Jazz Band Out Now!

This release is part of the Art Yard & Kindred Spirits collaboration series. Bringing you essential collectors editions of rare, sought after and also unexplored jazz records.

(Collectors Edition is limited to 500 copies)

Salah Ragab formed the first jazz big band in Egypt { The Cairo Jazz Band } in 1968, he was also the leader of the Military Music Departments in Heliopolis, some of the best musicians in Egypt of that time were members of the band such as { Zaki Osman, Trumpet } - { Saied Salama, Tenor Sax } - { Khamis El -Kholy, Piano } - { Ala Mostafa, Piano }. On this recording The Band consists of five Saxophones, four Trumpets, four Trombones, Piano, Bass,Drums, Percussion and Oriental instruments. The opening concert of The Cairo Jazz Band was in Ewart Memorial Hall at The American University 23/02/1969, There were many other concerts in various prestigious places such as the Old Opera House, The University of Alexandria and appearances on Egyptian T,V Jazz Club Weekly. Salah Ragab accompanied the great band leader and composer Sun Ra on a Tour in Egypt, Greece, France and Spain in 1984. He also studied jazz theories and improvisation with the Jazz musician and composer from Kansas City -USA, Osman Kareem, with whom he formed the first Jazz Quintet in Cairo in 1963 recording with the Radio Service of Cairo. He gave a series of educational lectures about Jazz History at the German Culture ‘Goethe Institute’.