Music Mania x Rush Hour

Rush Hour will provide fresh imports to Music Mania Gent!

Weekly new vinyl @ Music Mania – selected and hosted by Red D & Maxim Lany

Ghent-based DJ’s Red D and Maxim Lany have decided to start selling a weekly selection of the best releases in house, techno, dubstep and more on vinyl and CD.

And what better place to do so than Music Mania? The legendary shop was always a reference point for everybody into any style of alternative music and since its reopening in 2008 it has fast become the best spot to dig out that rare piece of vinyl and find gems nobody even knew existed. All they were missing was a good selection of new quality dance music, and that is exactly what Red D and Maxim Lany will provide.

Playing all over the country in various clubs and festivals Red D and Maxim Lany have a pretty good idea what kind of music to select and present to those people for who music is a little more than just listening to the radio. The weekly selection will be made in close association with Rush Hour.

The shop will be more than just a normal record shop. It will be a place where you can talk about music, have a drink courtesy of Tao and Carlsberg, catch in store DJ sets and much more. And it will also be the official shop for both We Play House Recordings and Lany Recordings, the labels of Red D and Maxim Lany. Early promotional copies, merchandising, etc.

The opening will be on Wednesday 14th October, and we can already promise you a superb selection of new releases waiting to be picked up. Good to know is the fact that the shop will be open till 20h on Wednesdays, allowing everybody the time to drop by and see what’s new. Of course you will also be able to check out the new releases during the rest of the week, just like you will be able to browse through Music Mania’s huge second hand selection on Wednesdays. It’s all about good music and people knowing good music.

Music Mania on Wednesdays by Red D & Maxim Lany
Walpoortstraat 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Open 11h30 – 20h.