Which payment methods do you accept?

We prefer to do all payments by Credit Card. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. You can also pay using Paypal. If not otherwise possible, we accept International Money Orders and Bank Transfers as well, but these take a while to arrive at our place.

Shipping Options

Most countries have three sorts of shippingrates.
A standard registered rate, a faster express service, and the unregistered cheaper rate.
All rates are displayed along with the estimated shippingtime (working days).

For rating we look at the total amount of the order, and the more records you buy, the cheaper the rate.

For shipping total, single vinyl counts as 1 item, a double pack as two, etc..
Cd's, Dvd's, and 7"s count as half an item.

The tarrifs apply to packages, however, one to three cd, 10" and/or 7"s we can sent as a
letter. So if you place an order containing only Cd, 10" or 7"s, the cheaper 'small packages'-rate will apply.

Please note! Small packages (for Cd, 10" or 7"s) and other unregistered shipments are sent on risk of the customer. In case of a returned order, Rush Hour will of course contact the customer and take things from there. If you do not want to have your order sent at your own risk, then please choose for the option ' Registered shipping' or ' Express shipping'

If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to sent us an email at

Remind vs Wishlist?

Wishlist is pure for personally use. If you choose 'remind me', we will send you an email if we have the item back in stock.


Mint: means as new Near Mint: means that the item is as new, but not so that we can call it mint Excellent: means, the item is in perfect condition, but it is obviously a secondhand item. Very Good +: is a standard Rush Hour grading. The vinyl & sleeve are both in used condition. The vinyl plays fine without audible scratches. The sleeve might be a little damaged but nothing to bad. Because of this grading the item is priced very easy. Very Good: Used item, sleeve might be damaged, vinyl might have light audible scratches. Good and below: we don't have items on our website graded like this and if we do it must be an extremely rare record which, even in this condition, is hard to get. You can be certain that it is not playing really well.