19 Oct 2018


ADE DAYTIME: In the Studio With Jordan Czamanski (Jordan GCZ)


Jordan Czamanski (Juju & Jordash / Magic Mountain High)


Studio Talk / Nerdy


ADE Festival Hangout (De Brakke Grond G7: Studio) | Nes 45, Amsterdam Netherlands



On his own, Jordan Czamanski is a well respected solo artist releasing on labels such as Off Minor, Future Times, No Label and with music upcoming on Amsterdam's own Rush Hour. His track 'Cry Baby' (released on Off Minor in 2013) received much acclaim and put him on the map as a solo artist. Beside his solo career,

Jordan is an indispensable part of the spontaneous and distinctive duo Juju&Jordash. the pair use house and techno as a starting point to launch off into the unknown. Rather than triggering pre-made loops or replaying studio works, they are completely free to create on the fly, cook up drum beats, jam out chords and melodies and take their sound wherever they feel fit.

During In the Studio With, you’ll get a glimpse of the creative process that goes on behind the scenes of producing a track.

Studio Sessions registration (limited capacity)

Between 11-12am there's an opportunity to claim a spot at the registration desk for a Studio Session with an artist of your choice. The registration desk is located opposite ADE's ticketing & info desk at De Brakke Grond.

Come early to secure your spot!