13 Apr 2012


Awesome By Default


Sinden & Mele



Chicago Social Club Amsterdam Netherlands


€ 12.00


After a big success Awesome By Default -the love marriage between Boston Strip and Audio Culture, returns to the Chicago Social Club with a special lineup on friday the 13th of April. This time they invited a household DJ/producer and a rising star, respectively Sinden and Mele.

Sinden has produced multiple hit tunes and stands at the base of todays crossover scene that they call UK bass supposedly. He sticks his head out and shows a unique mix of house electro and hiphop in his productions and the releases on his brand new Grizzly label. As a DJ he takes his musical vision even further and he will deliver an energetic partyset with great skill.

Mele can do anything that Sinden does, but he adds a big dose of bravura and cohones. His productions are crazier and his DJ sets are even wilder. This young guy has mad a name for himself with his skills behind the turntables. Hij burned up the Boiler Room with his mix of house, grime, acid, 2 step, hiphop and jungle. This seems like a mess on paper, but Mele mixes are so tight that his daring selection sounds quite natural.

In short, Awesome By Default on friday the 13th of April will be an epic night where an intense party goes hand in hand with quality music. Besides that Sinden and Mele will be astonished by the positive crowd response here in Amsterdam Eats Everything responded in an interview with Mixermatosis when he was asked what his favorite gig of 2011 was: Favourite night is tough as there have been many, but its a toss up between my Fabric debut, Audio in Brighton or Awesome By Default in Amsterdam. The latter was the best crowd I have ever played to. Mental!

So don't miss!