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assar + four legs - born free 20 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF20 - House

Stellar debut from 22 year old Stockholm loner Assar Jansson with the mesmerizing house track "Pant"..  » more

 Pant  Pant - Four Leg.. 

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demarcolab x born free - dmc x bf - born free - Tapes

USTAPE - BF35 - House

This is a collection of unreleased tracks from a bunch of the Born Free crew members. Selected by Bo..  » more



dj city - teenage sexdrive - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF32 - House

From deep inside of Berlin’s 24/7 darkrooms, here comes DJ City’s debut maxi single. Two house t..  » more

 Cap Cerbere  Teenage Sexdriv.. 

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dj sling - the secret ep - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF30 - House

After 11 years of production and releasing of records, here comes DJ Sling's first solo release. All..  » more

 Watch Out  A Knife in Your..  I Feel Weak 

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empfanger - born free 10, an-i remix - born free - Vinyl

EU12" - BF10 - Techno / Electro

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a BIG remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) h..  » more

 Mother (TowLie'..  Zed is dead  Mother (Towlie'.. 

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empfanger - lost track - born free - Vinyl

EU12" - BF18 - Techno / Electro

From a dark and depressing country in the northern hemisphere called Sweden, comes this duo consists..  » more

 Halleluja  Säure Planeten  Sacke Kommer Ut 

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empfanger - resan till plutonia - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF25 - Techno / Electro

Empfanger stay in the sewers like TMNT. Back with four tracks of their crackbrained EBM - DISKO.

 CP Freak  Plutonia  Den nya hitlate.. 

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louis guilliaume - born free 29 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF29 - Techno / Electro

Louis Guilliaume a Rotterdam-techno explorer, who previously released with Syncom Data and Skudge, n..  » more

 Freezse  Close Encounter  Time Trap 

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maxxxbass - is techno camping - born free - Tapes

EUTAPE - BF11 - Techno / Electro

back in...

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mighty thor - tralfamadore (inc. florian kupfer mix) - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF12 - Techno / Electro

Uptempo Sci-Fi techno from Mighty Thor (Drumcode / Hundarna fran soder) & droning remix from Florian..  » more

 Tralfamadore  The Will  Tralfamadore (F.. 

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odopt - born free 23 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF23 - Techno / Electro

Dark late night groovers by the Odopt bad boys, straight out the kitchen of Bar Simachev. "Horrungru..  » more

 Sickert Art Bar..  Chaba Waltz  Horrungruang 

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odopt - born free 33 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF33 - Techno / Electro

The Moscow duo is back with an other dose of haunted industrial techno punches. From a navy fit repu..  » more

 Incident  Haunted Tales  Navy Fit Republ.. 

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over the hill - mums mums & banan - born free - Tapes

EUTAPE - BF15 - Soundtracks

Over The Hill is Daniel Savio and Samo DJ. Here with something similar to a road movie but without t..  » more

 Side 1  Side 2 

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pedrodollar - born free 27 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF27 - Techno / Electro

Pedrodollar formerly known as Petter hands in his first solo-single since his Border Community relea..  » more

 Money Money Mon..  Just Dub  U Gotta Do What.. 

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powder - born free 22 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF22 - Techno / Electro

Powder following up her doubt release with more of that far out and far eastern electronics!

 Afrorgan  Random Ladder W..  Fridhemsplan 

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powder - spray - born free - Vinyl

EU12" - BF16 - Techno / Electro - Electronics

Debut EP for this young Cos/Mes relative. Every night before sleep she spends time hammering tracks ..  » more

 Spray  Kiwi Blue  Ma Ki 

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rap - lets get serious (album, including bell-towers remix) - born free - Tapes

EUTAPE - BF14 - Wave / Pop / Rock

Debut album for this London based duo called RAP consisting of Enchante & Burning Bush, both from th..  » more

 Peckingham Pala..  Bad Preacher  D-Niz 

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samo dj - born free 31 - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF31 - House

Three long lost gems found deep down in Samo's bomb shelter. Fresh oldschool-not-oldschool music fo..  » more

 Zsou - Remix  Janet  Mannen Fran Mal.. 

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samo dj & baba stiltz - kling party - born free - Vinyl

EU12'' - BF28 - Techno / Electro

Two late summer tracks from Baba & Samo mixed and dubbed at the Hidden Operator’s HQ

 Kling Party 

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scott young - commix - born free - Vinyl

EU12" - BF17 - Techno / Electro

Debut single for this hi-tech low-life straight from the slums of Hong Kong.

 Pseudo Crushed ..  Commix  M.O.E.I. 

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