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amp fiddler - so sweet - mahogani - Vinyl

US12'' - MM 40 - House - Detroit

Two tracks by Detroit key player Amp fiddler, remixed by none less then Louie Vega and Waajeed !

 So Sweet (Louie..  It's Alright (W.. 

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bop & 291out - l alba dei vinti - early sounds recordings - Vinyl

EU12'' - EAS 015 - Disco - Cosmic/Balearic

A soundtrack for the contemporary "Vinti" (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling fl..  » more

 TL'Alba dei Vin..  Slot Machine  Che Male C'e 

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boyz in parx - passion - top tape - Vinyl

EULP - LP 15 - Wave / Pop / Rock - Synth

Domesica's collaboration with Dutch label Tope Tape, originally founded in the mid-80s by Menko Koni..  » more

 Some Weird Thou..  Running Wild  It's A Perfect .. 

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frank murillo - letting it rest - ostra discos - Vinyl

EU12'' - OD 009 - Disco

"Letting It Rest" was originaly released in 1986 on the New York based Chapter 13 label. Frank Muril..  » more

 Letting It Rest..  Letting It Rest.. 

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gladstone anderson - holy mt. zion / holy children - digikiller - Vinyl

US10'' - DKR 207 - Reggae / Dub

Killer roots on both sides, perfect companion to his "Sings Songs..." album !

 Holy Mount Zion  Holy Mount Zion..  Holy Children 


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guy cuevas - obsession - tradvibe - Vinyl

EU12'' - TV 1209 - Disco

Released in 1983, Guy Cuevas’ 12” Single "Obsession" is probably one of the ''best'' French Disc..  » more

 Obsession (Nass..  Obsession (Lond.. 

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happy love / wackies - love we all need / roots rock special - digikiller - Vinyl

US10'' - DKR 209 - Reggae / Dub

A-side discomix, one of the rarest and best Wackie's 12"s, B-side PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED wicked '70s ..  » more

 Love All We Nee..  Roots Rock spec.. 

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heptones - natural mystic - digikiller - Vinyl

US7 - DKR 233 - Reggae / Dub

Awesome moody cut of this classic tune, first time on 7" and with PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED dub!

 Natural Mystic  Version Dubplat.. 

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hymn - coming home - domestica - Vinyl

EULP - DOM 31L - Wave / Pop / Rock - Synth

A selection of forgotten demos by band Hymn, active 1981-1984, with multi-talented musician and post..  » more

 Never Show Me  Too Many Lies  I Can 

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jean-jacques perrey - jean-jacques perrey et son ondioline - forgotten futures - Vinyl

USLP - FF 001 - Techno / Electro - Electronics

Never-before-released Ondioline cuts from Jean-Jacques Perrey’s archive, featuring a 36-page bookl..  » more

 La Vache et le ..  Visa To The Sta..  Chicken on the .. 

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joseph loduca - evil dead 2 (1987 original soundtrack) - waxwork - Vinyl

USLP - WW 020 - Soundtracks

Waxwork Records is announces the 30th Anniversary soundtrack release of the 1987 horror cult-classi..  » more

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link wray - mordicai jones - tidal waves music - Vinyl

USLP - TWM 06 - Wave / Pop / Rock

1972 album, back on vinyl for the first time since 1972 !

 Walkin' in the ..  Scorpio Woman  The Coca Cola S.. 

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lucas arruda - perdidos e bobos - favorite recordings - Vinyl

EU12" - FVR 135 - Funk / Soul - Blue Eyed Soul

Since the release of his 2 first albums on Favorite Recordings, Lucas Arruda has quickly established..  » more

 Perdidos E Bobo..  Perdidos E Bobo..  Onda Nova 

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lynn castle - rose colored corner - light in the attic - Vinyl

USLP - LITA 157LP - Wave / Pop / Rock - Folk

Though most of the world may not know the songs of Lynn Castle, she is an artist whose work stretche..  » more

 The Forest  I'm Getting Tir..  New York 

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maria teresa luciani - sounds of the city - finders keepers - Vinyl

UKLP - FKR 093LP - Techno / Electro - Electronics

Welcome to the parallel musical universe of Miss Maria Teresa Luciani, a landscape of sonic architec..  » more

 The Poor Neighb..  Supermarket  The Port 

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popol vuh - spirit of peace - one way static - Vinyl

US2LP - OWS 15 - Wave / Pop / Rock - Kraut / Cosmic / Synth

Out of print since 1985 and never released outside of Europe, now back available as an expanded Doub..  » more

 We Know About T..  Spirit Of Peace..  Spirit Of Peace.. 

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popol vuh - agape-agape love-love - one way static - Vinyl

USLP - OWS 14 - Wave / Pop / Rock - Kraut / Cosmic / Synth

Out of print since 1983 and never released outside of Europe, now back available as a deluxe vinyl e..  » more

 Hand In Hand  They Danced, Th..  Love, Life, Dea.. 

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v/a - mamey colorao - grosso! recordings - Vinyl

EULP - GR 029 - Latin

In this series we bring in some of the names of the Latin Bands based in New York between the 40’s..  » more

 Mamey Colorao-T..  El Baile Suavit..  Garbage Man's C.. 


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waajeed - shango ep - dirt tech reck - Vinyl

US12'' - DTR 011 - House - Detroit

For the Shango EP, producer Waajeed transitions from downbeat to upbeat on the latest release from h..  » more

 Better Late Tha..  Shango  Winston's Midni.. 

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