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sun ra & his solar arkestra - the magic city - cosmic myth records

CMR01LP - uslp

Genre: Jazz - Spiritual / Cosmic & Soul Jazz

1. Magic City 
2. Shadow World 
3. Abstract I 
4. Abstract I 

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EU exclusive

EAN-13 Barcode: 881626506516

2017 Remastered and fully authorized edition !
On the original 1965 The Magic City LP, issued on Saturn,
the monster 27-1/2 minute title track sprawled across side
A. Ra customarily supervised the Arkestra's improvisational
process via keyboard cues or hand signals. He was always
in charge—hence critic Simon Adams describing the title
track as "27 minutes of controlled freedom." "The Magic
City" was never performed in concert; saxophonist John
Gilmore said it was "unreproducible, a tapestry of sound."
Although shorter in scope than side A's magnum opus, the
four works on The Magic City's flip side reflect the same
improvisational approach, spatiality, and lack of structure.
One session outtake, "Other Worlds," an alternate version
of "Shadow World," is included as a bonus track on side B.
First-generation Saturn pressings of The Magic City were
monophonic. A full stereo version had been issued on Sun
Ra's Thoth subsidiary label sometime after 1969; however,
it suffered from a technical flaw that prevented many copies
of the LP from tracking cleanly through the first cut on side
B. A 1973 gatefold LP reissue on Impulse featured
reprocessed stereo. For this definitive reissue, Cosmic Myth
Records used stereo sources which are superior to the
Thoth pressing.

For this definitive edition, historical and technical notes
are provided by noted jazz historian Ben Young, who
restored and remastered the album with his Triple
Point Records partner Joe Lizzi. Both men have been
recognized for their extensive work on the Grammy
Nominated Albert Ayler boxset, released on Revenant
records in 2005.

Cosmic Myth Records issues recordings under license
from Sun Ra LLC. The series is being co-produced
and supervised by Irwin Chusid (Raymond
Scott, Esquivel, Langley School Music Project) and
Michael D. Anderson, who maintains the Sun Ra Music
Archive, the world's foremost collection of original Ra
session masters.