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j rider - no longer anonymous - machu picchu

PICCHU 004CD - uscd

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1. One Sided Lover 
2. Kiss Of Your Soul 
3. We Got More 
4. High Roller 
5. Pike River 
6. Sunday's Hero 
7. Blue Moon Delight  
8. Carry Me Over 
9. Quartet 1 
10. Silent Sunrise 
11. Renegade Heart  
12. It Isn' Any Trouble  
13. Look Out Your Window 
14. Love On 
15. Moon Horizon 
16. M-Day Dream 

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EAN-13 Barcode: 864384000045

Hot on the heels of the classic Anonymous album “Inside the Shadow”, Machu Picchu Ltd. reissues their elusive and legendary follow-up !
After the 1976 release of “Inside the Shadow”, the group decided to change their name to J Rider (after the second cut on the Anonymous LP) and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time. The excellent reissue label OR Records first unearthed the tapes and put out a small edition of LPs in 1996, and we are now there's this new and deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art.

“Kiss Of Your Soul” and “Pike River” get our vote for two of the greatest songs ever written, and “One Sided Lover”, “High Roller” and “Sunday‘s Hero” each offer a heavier spin on the group’s Television-like interplay and compositional prowess.

This record is highly recommended for everyone who enjoyed “Inside the Shadow”, and it also happens to come with an entire unreleased album of songs recorded by the group’s visionary songwriter Ron Matelic! That’s right, ten bonus tracks of previously unheard songs recorded in the 1990s, featuring most of the members of Anonymous; a lost LP, if you like, and a fascinating complement to the Anonymous and J Rider albums. (Bonus tracks will be included in the form of a download card with each LP and are included on the compact disc.)

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