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fat jon the ample soul physician - repaint tomorrow - project mooncircle

PMC 023 - eu2lp

Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1. Kissed in Shadow 
2. Spacesuit Proper 
3. Innocent at Once 
4. Soundgirl Personal 
5. W.Y.P.A.U. 
6. Rose Antennae 
7. Party Foul 
8. Lighthouse Sleeper 
9. Repaint Tomorrow 
10. Imagine Seven 
11. Muses 
12. Leyes 
13. Hero Style 
14. Tranquilizer 
15. Berlin Grey 
16. Sunrain 
17. Aesthetica 
18. Do it Like My Robots 

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EAN-13 Barcode: 4260116722692

Available on orange coloured double vinyl for the first time this summer: “Repaint Tomorrow“ by Five Deez producer Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician. Check!
“Repaint Tomorrow” is Fat Jon‘s 6th studio album. It sounds completely different from his other works, while still combining all the elements he’s known for, such as emotional soundscapes and hard drums. Yet he combines these with other live and electronic elements to create something completely unique, special and new.

Fat Jon is the producer of Five Deez (K7), half of 3582 & Rebel Clique, producer of J-Live, Dose One, Venus Malone, Mr. Dibbs, J. Rawls, Panda One, Bukue One, Substantial, Samurai Champloo animated TV series and many more. His discography includes renown work like Koolmotor, Humanoid Erotica, Wave Motion, Kinkynasti, Lightweight Heavy, Kommunicator, The Living Soul, Situational Ethics, Afterthought, Unique Connection, Kommunicator, Still Curious and Rapture Kontrolle… just to name few!