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long arm - the branches - deluxe edition - project mooncircle

PMC 110 - eu2lp

Genre: New Jazz / Headz

1. Power Of Rain 
2. The Waterfall Inside Me 
3. Double Bass In Love 
4. After 4AM 
5. Perfect Morning 
6. When Children Sleep 
7. Key Door
8. The Roots 
9. Dummy 
10. The Branches (Instrumental) 
11. Thank You 
12. Blue Birds Red Flowers (Bass by Sneaky of Fingathing)
13. Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
14. Perfect Morning (Dday One Remix)
15. The Roots (40 Winks Remix)
16. The Waterfall Inside Me (Robag´s Bad Bocklet Revolut - Robag Wruhme Remix)
17. The Branches (Sieren Remix)
18. When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix)

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EAN-13 Barcode: 4260116722197

When listening to “The Branches“ it will stimulate diverse brain areas, creating short movies and stories in your mind’s eye. From Soviet era hand-drawn animated fairy tales in winterly forrest-landscapes to narravites of urban struggle or even classical tales in dark and gloomy basement bars – let the record spin and your mental cinema flow.
For the 2012 winter season Project Mooncircle decided to give “The Branches“ a proper repress treatment, not only pressing a new batch for all the listeners that weren’t able to acquire a
copy yet but also spicing it up and making it a true collectors item for anyone that already owns a copy.
Therefore, the – now gatefold – artwork / transparent 2LP vinyl version, originally drawn by Bioniq was colourized by Roman Pokrovsky and, besides everything being remastered
and including new work from Long Arm himself, there's also added a second vinyl with various remixes by on the one hand like-minded artists like Hidden Orchestra,
Dday One and 40 Winks, with whom Long Arm also shares artistic relationships and friendships, and on the other hand more genre-overarching and experimental remixes
from such acclaimed artists as Robag Wruhme, Sieren, Yoko Duo, Berry Weight, Empt and Speck from CYNE, which will surely make for a unique listening experience.