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aardvarck - find the cow - delsin

24 DSR/AAR-CD 1 - eucd

Genre: New Jazz / Headz

1. Accept
2. Caramel
3. Taa-Ba
4. TH#1
5. Dim
6. Steps
7. Zom Attica Blues: Nwachukwu's Mix
8. TH#2
9. Steck
10. Upset
11. Kilo
12. TH#4
13. Flight Simulator
14. Holes In My Head
15. TH#3
16. Oef
17. Zom
18. TH#5
19. Gentle
20. Knet
21. TH#6
22. Stampot
23. Anders (Jeroen Kimman / Alex Parkinson)

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exclusive title

The 23 tracks on the CD demonstrate his innovative approach to music, running the full spectrum from soft ambient interludes to the more uptempo beat trickery. Accept manages to combine both extremes and is an apt opening track, demonstrating the two faced nature of Aardvarcks productions, highly constructed beats and beautiful melodies. Taa Baa sounds like it emerged straight out of Londons Co Op, though Aardvarck has not been to this broken beat mecca. TH #1 is pure ambient bliss and followed by the deep spacious beats of Dim. Steps is based around a seriously crunched up hip- hop break, think Domu scrapping with the Funkstorung boys. The original version of Zom is track 7 (ignore the tracklisting on the CD) whilst the stunning remix by Attica Blues Tony Nwachukwu is actually track no. 17. Upset is based around deep raw bass, the structure of the track is created with pin point beat work. Flight Simulator is a silky smooth journey, proving that Aardvarcks beats dont have to be broken. The stuttered synchopated bass stabs of TH#3 combined with its fearsome breaks push the edge of the nu jazz envelope and Gentle is an uptempo number combining the skip of 2 step with smooth German jazz styles - one for the quirky jerky types on the dancefloor. Th#6 is another deep ambient soundscape helping to ease the pressure after the frantic percussion of Knet. Stampot shows Aardvarcks ability to counter fearsome rhythms with melancholy chords, the forward flowing synths float the listener over the near chaotic drum programming. Finally, the album closes with the weeping strings and treated piano of Anders, bizarrely twisted and warped sonics. One beautiful voyage!