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melody as truth (jonny nash & suzanne kraft) - framed space: selected works 2014-2017 - melody as truth

MAT012 - eu2cd

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1. Shallow Space  
2. Vision Partially Obscured 
3. Year Of The Wooden Horse  
4. Retreat 
5. Sayan 
6. Exit One 
7. Exit Four  
8. Exit Seven  
9. Exit Three  
10. Treasure (featuring Gigi Masin) 
11. Down In Babakan  
12. Conversations With Mike 
13. Police Bribe 
14. Lime  
15. Two Chord Wake  
16. Never Heated  
17. Flatiron 
18. Renee Sleeping 
19. Talk From Home 
20. Male Intuition 
21. Meetings 
22. The Result 
23. Body Heat 
24. Bank 
25. Seven Day Turnaround  
26. Scripted Space 
27. Further 

exclusive title


300dpi artwork

SELECTED WORKS 2014-2017: The music presented on this compilation, “Framed Space” consists of a selection of works from the first three years of Melody As Truth. Double CD featuring 4 previously unreleased tracks, exclusive to this set.

Disc One features the work of Jonny Nash, comprising of tracks from “Phantom Actors” [MAT1], “Exit Strategies” [MAT2] and “Eden” [MAT6]. Two unreleased tracks feature on the disc, “Treasure” and “Sayan”. “Treasure” was recorded with Gigi Masin in 2014. “Sayan” was recorded in Bali, during the same recording sessions as those that resulted in “Eden” [MAT6].

Disc Two features Herrera’s work as Suzanne Kraft, comprising of tracks from “Talk From Home” [MAT3] and “What You Get For Being Young” [MAT5]. Two unreleased tracks also feature on the disc, “Meetings” and “Seven Day Turnaround”. “Meetings” was recorded in Amsterdam shortly after Herrera relocated to the city in 2015. “Seven Day Turnaround” was made during the “What You Get For Being Young” sessions, also in 2015.

Both Nash and Herrera now live in Amsterdam, where they continue to exchange ideas and experiment on new works for MAT. The music on “Framed Space” is intended to give the listener an insight into the first chapter of an ongoing story.