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dr. c. stein - selected works 1983-1988 - jj funhouse

JJ014 - eulp

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Synth

1. Golden Magic 
2. Lekker Rustig 
3. el Syncro 
4. Aase Rasmussen 
5. He Is With Us 
6. Monte Carlo 1970 
7. Mute Hahahaha 
8. Johnson Wax 
9. Vole 
10. Deutschland Rundfahrt 
11. Petit Synth d'Amour 

import title

JJ Funhouse compile thier long time favorite selections of Dr. C. Stein goodies. Assembled from the ‘Plays for you CD-R’ (Trumpett), the long sold out ‘Echo Trip LP’ (Treue um Treue) and some obscure cor- ners of the Trumpett archive. We couldn’t be more happy with this perfect dream sequence of softspot hitters. (limited to 500 copies)
Dr. C. Stein is the name Hanjo Erkamp used for his solo work. Being a big part of the Trumpett tapes-family, he was also a member of the industrial outfit Doxa Sinistra and a crazy studio col-lective called
Ende Shneafliet. This band was responsible for more then 70 tracks of minimal wave madness, not bad knowing they existed not much longer than two years. Trumpett tapes was a tape label operating from the island of Texel and the village of Heiloo in North Holland between 1981 and 1985. They were spewing out releases made by a changing combination of people, all being part of a circle of five like-minded souls: Frank Brinkhuis, Ed-win Brinkhuis, Jan Popma, Brian Dommisse and the doctor himself: Hanjo Erkamp. The Trumpett
members operated from their homestudio where they managed to create a new electronic sound. Being more close to the North Sea then any dark urban area, their take on the doomy template
of New Wave was rather airy and often cheeky, without losing the minimal stomping force and brutalist fun found in home taping. They created tunes that were as strong, if not better, then the
ones made by their better known peers. From 1997 on, Trumpett tapes became the Trumpett label and started releasing CD-R’s filled not only with this old tape-work but also with selections of well kept nugJJ01gets from a staggering vault of unreleased eighties recordings. With the new love for early synthesizer music and all
things minimal and wavy, Trumpett’s fame was getting bigger and labels like Vinyl on Demand, Enfant Terrible and Treue um Treue began releasing parts of this treasure on limited vinyl.

Around 1985, Hanjo moved his C. Stein bedroom studio from Heinloo to Amsterdam and created the Studio Alte Zielstrasse. That’s where he fine-tuned his satin sound and kept on producing until 1988. The Doctor was getting it on, big city style without ever forgetting the bright open space of his early youth. Not long after that, this big scientist quietly disappeared in pinky clouds of mystery. Strangely
enough not one of these songs were released during these times. They were left on the shelf without a chance to shine in it’s own time.
The Stein-sound is more on the loungey tip of the electronic spectrum, without leaving the club or dwelling too long on the wrong side of pastel-colored kitsch. You can hear the voice of New
Beat whispering in some of these tracks, nicely gripping the end of the decennium in a gracious manner.

The healing is real. Just get the needle in and give yourself a shot of this doctors pink plastic medicin.